Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, I went back.

Goddammit, I'm as bad as Jay.  I KNEW he'd be there, I KNEW he wouldn't let me go.  I guess I at least managed to stay on top of it, though.  I guess I kept myself mostly composed.

Let's see...I took my dog again.  He doesn't seem to like them, either.  I love the guy, and I'm pretty sure if he hadn't been there, I would've been a smear on the ground.  Another statistic.  Another person that went up against Him and lost.  Goddammit, I'm rambling.  Focus Zach, focus, he's not here...

I went at about noon this time.  I took a shovel; I had every intention to check out one of those graves, and find what it was that He was so proud of.  It also made a handy crutch when walking started to get hard, but I'll get to that later.  I also took the Walkman; you'd be surprised what you can find for those things, if you know where to look.  I won't say I was listening to Ron Brownz when I stepped inside...but I won't say I wasn't.

Walked in, things got dark again, yadda yadda.  The part that was different here was that when I stepped inside, I didn't feel watched.

I felt JUDGED.  It was like the trees themselves were trying to get me to leave.  Or keep me there until I died.  I'm not even sure anymore.  God, I'm not sure about ANYTHING.  I tried to remember the path I walked yesterday.  I spent all day yesterday focusing on it, making sure I knew exactly where I was headed.  I should've known better than to believe that place would be the same this time around.  I don't even know when exactly I got to the graves, I just know that the whole time I was jumping at shadows.  I felt like he was everywhere.  I felt like I was going to piss myself.  I think the only reason I hadn't was because I didn't eat or drink last night.  I'm not sure if that was genius or retarded.

Those graves were the same, at least.  I tried to find the one that seemed oldest; one or two had crosses that were almost falling apart.  I picked one at random, and started digging.  My dog had his leash attached to the loop of my pants; at least we could get lost together if he got upset enough.  The ground was almost TOO soft.  I barely even needed the shovel, but I wasn't gonna touch that shit with my hands.  I barely even liked standing on it.

Anyways, took me...5 minutes to get to the sack?  Maybe 6?  I can't quite recall, because that was when he showed up.  This time it WAS like something thin turning to face me.  He was standing maybe 10 feet away, and he wasn't happy.  I could tell that already.  His tentacles were waving around like divining rods, and I barely kept from going unconscious.  I think the tug that I felt on my midsection helped; my dog was yapping and charging with enough power to make it hard to stand.  He didn't move, but that might have been because me and my dog were looking at him.

I can barely even describe what happened after I hit him with the shovel.  The thing left my hand, his tentacles didn't even TRY to stop it, and then the thing hit him, and fell to the ground.  It didn't even make him flinch.  What DID happen was that he cocked his head; Ava said 90 degrees made her want to barf?  The guy went a full 270 when I was looking.  If I'd eaten I would've lost it.  Then he just...stood there.  He didn't lash out, his tentacles barely even waved anymore.  He pretty much froze.  I'm not sure, but I think he was trying to figure out why it even actually touched him.  I guess he expected it to turn to dust, or shatter, or fly back at me, or something.  All I know is something he wanted to happen didn't happen, and he didn't get why.  Since it's just you guys, and I love you so much, I guess I don't mind sharing.

I painted the Operator Symbol ALL OVER that shovel.  The head, the shaft, every.  Single.  Part.  I don't know if it repels him, or summons him, or blinds him, but I do know that it does SOMETHING.  Today, it saved my life.

I'm pretty sure if I hadn't done that, I never would've had time to unclip my dog from my pants.  Once I did, that little guy flew forward like a rocket, and hit him RIGHT IN THE CHEST.  I couldn't stop myself from smiling at that.  He took a couple steps back from that, and my dog was racing around his heels, nipping and yapping.  I don't even know what happened then, because I reached down to my belt, and pulled one of those 'grenades' Spender got me.  I pulled the pin and lobbed that thing.  I didn't even stop to see what happened as I grabbed that sack, and ran over there.  Yes, people, I ran TOWARDS Slenderman.  I really love my doggie.

The grenade slowed him down, that was for sure.  Covered in that...white crap, I didn't think there was anything scary about him anymore.  I grabbed my dog, and that was around the time I felt something sharp at my hip.  I'm pretty sure he tried to stab me.  I didn't even really notice, as I grabbed my dog by the collar and pretty much single-handedly pulled him along.  Didn't take more than a minute before he was running by my side, and then I pretty much just grabbed his leash and put it between my teeth.

He popped up a couple more times, but he didn't try to attack.  I guess it's the sack, or maybe it was the grenade.  Who knows.  I only know that I've got one more of these things, and I can't waste it until I get a chance to talk to Spender again.

I tried to get out of there, but Jesus Fuck it was like a horror movie.  The branches were all hanging way too low, trying to snag my shirt, or grab my bag.  I swear one of those things TURNED to grab at me once, but I managed to weave through.  Dealing with those trees was probably as bad as dealing with Him.

Okay, that's a lie.  Even just LOOKING at him like that was bad.  I've taken four hot showers already, and my body still feels like it's hypothermic.  That was the closest I ever want to come to Tentacle!Slendy again.  But I'm home, and my dad is here, for what little that matters.  I might not sleep soundly tonight, but I'll sleep, at least.

Oh, almost forgot.  Though that may not be the right word, since I've been thinking about it for the last hour or two.  I looked in the sack.  I've been turning something that was inside in my hand while I type this.

Guys, I'm 100% positive.  It's a finger.

-The Meteorologist

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