Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing To See Here

Hello, fellow worshipers of the interwebz.  Just another kid with a little too much free time on his hands, and nowhere else to dump his brain...

Not quite, actually.  Before anyone has to spend weeks boggling it out, yes.  This is another Slenderblog.  I won't be teasing you all with my rather senseless taste in music, or with stories of my heroic exploits in D&D.  I'm here for one thing, and one thing only.  Him.  The Operator, Slender Man, Slenderp, Noodle-Kaboodle, Excilis him what you like.

Personally, I'd like to call him gone.  I hope the day will come that we can call him a bad memory.  But I know that time may not come for a while.  I'm going to come out now, and say I'm not like you guys.  I'm not the Slenderstalked.  I never knew one.  I have no connection, direct nor indirect, to Him, save for a rather pervasive fear of the dark; who knows?  Maybe I was one of his favorites when I was a kid.  No, you don't get to know when exactly that was.  Maybe later, but for now it won't matter much.  No, all I have is something that probably seems pretty unexciting in the circumstances.

Empathy.  I've got empathy out the ass.  Don't get me wrong, I've done my homework; I've read Ava's Theories, I know Zeke's on the prowl.  I've heard all about Reach's dilemma, and I've read them all.  But when I read these things, I can almost feel the fear, and the hatred.  I've spent the last few months finding out as much as I could.  I don't doubt that this thing exists; I know that this world has shit we'll never see, and shit we never SHOULD see.  But I've never met it, and I pray I never will.  Just knowing he's dicking around in someone else's life is enough to get me.  I know how bad it is just to think he MIGHT be waiting outside.  To know he IS?  Couldn't imagine it.

I don't doubt that eventually, he'll come knocking on my door.  I'm simply too engrossed, too involved in all these stories.  I'm not going to be able to walk away, knowing that these people are still fighting.  I'm sure that, one day, when they're all gone, I'll be on his list.  It probably won't be high, but for some reason that's worse, to me; I could take being killed by some otherworldly demon with tentacles for arms.  It sure as fuck beats a heart attack, or "natural causes".  Go out with a bang, I've always thought.  No, I think the worst way to die to this thing would be as an afterthought.  A fly to be swatted.  If I'm going to die, it's not going to be because I know too much.  If I die, it'll be because this guy, this...thing is utterly terrified of me.  It'll be because this thing knows that, so long as I live, he'll be fighting a losing battle.  I'm not going down as some innocent bystander.  If He's going to come for me in my sleep, let it be because he's too scared to do it awake.

Don't misunderstand; I'm not some sort of hero.  I couldn't shoot a gun if I wanted, and no one who ever looks at me sees anything to be afraid of in a fight.  I'm just like every other blogger; some asshole with too much time, and some thoughts he thinks are worth sharing.  But I'll do my best to lend a hand where I'm needed.  I may not have any Theories, and I may not be able to kick some guy's nuts into his pelvis, but I'm not alone.  None of us are.  And I think that's what we've eventually got on Him.

He didn't do HIS homework.  He didn't realize that out of every other species, he's chosen the angriest, most violent, and most unpredictable ones out there.  He's going up against a group that doesn't shake when things get bad.  A group that doesn't know what it means to give up.  Stand strong, everyone.  No matter how bad things may look, every storm will eventually pass.  This might seem like His hour...but soon it'll be ours.  And I know, when it comes, we'll make the most of it.

I just realized, I never even said my name.  I guess I can at least spare that much.  Zachary; The God Recalled.  But I think, if you'll allow me at least this much, I'd prefer...

-The Meteorologist

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