Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zach Isn't Here Right Now.

Looks like he was gonna write something before he ran out.  I hope to God it's not something he doesn't want me to know about.

My son knows me well, so he'll recognize this one: I don't talk much.  I feel like when you have something to say, it's best to say it quick.  I'm really not one to deal with blogs or texting or any of that stuff.  I have a cellphone and that's about it.

But sometimes a guy HAS to talk.  And I think I'm gonna talk about Sunday.  My son told me that we'd be expecting a guy with a bad temper, and maybe a gun or two.  He said nothing about men with body armor and machine guns.  Men with government IDs.  Men that apparantly haven't shown up on the news, or in the obituaries.

This isn't just some asshole husband and a battered wife.  Any of you feel like filling me in on what the hell IS going on?


  1. The woman you took in? She's wanted by a section of the FBI, specifically a man named Fisk who wants to kill everyone who knows about a certain incident and a creature who causes it.

    The men? Government employees, -probably- pulled from one of the black branches of the CIA or NSA. They contract out a lot.

    They're not showing up because I had my men dispose of the bodies somewhere they're not going to be found until 3000 AD -and- because they probably don't legally exist anymore to the system. Run a finger scan and they don't pop up.

    Oh, nice to meet you by the way. Remember me? Blue hoodie, handgun, saved your son's life? Nice to talk to you in person.

    Don't fault Zach. He's trying not to get you involved because knowing things in the enemy right now...But then, six people are dead. You're owed an explanation.

    The woman you were helping is the mother of an ally of ours. She was taken from her family, her house burned down and then taken -somewhere- for god knows how long. Zach was trying to protect her until she could be taken somewhere safe.

  2. Uh....huh...

    Alright, I MIGHT buy a government conspiracy. God only knows the skeletons in every country's closets.

    But FBI? Fisk? This sounds like a lot of stuff for someone to know. I'd think if they WERE FBI, you wouldn't be telling me this. If nothing else, they'd just do what they did two nights ago to you.

    And what creature could possibly be worth all of this bullshit? I'm seriously getting mad here, so you better not try to treat me like a mushroom again.

  3. They've tried. I have more guns and a lot less appreciation for the law.

    I'd tell you, but I'll leave that to Zach. He can explain it better than I can even pretend to.

  4. Nobody should know anything about this. It's not that this entity is worth anything, it's that they're trying to stop it with as little collateral damage as possible. Your house is damaged, but you're alive, and we intend to keep you that way.

    Sorry that's not very descriptive, but we can't tell you much more without putting you in great danger too.