Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, isn't this just fucking great.  I wake up last night with someone rummaging through my dresser, and when I try to call them out on it the guy runs out.  Of course, this place is SUPPOSED to have the best security; those little card slots in the door instead of keys, their own goddamn alarm system for each room.  Cost us a fortune, but it wasn't anything we couldn't afford.  I tried to chase after him, threw on the first coat I could.  Great lot of good that did, when they basically vanished in the stairwell.

I walked back to my room, and surprise surprise.  Locked myself out.  So I had to sit outside and try to get what sleep I could pantsless, shirtless, wearing nothing but a bathrobe.  My parents slept right through it, every second.  The camera's gone, so I can only guess that I actually did something right.  And, of course, the fuck had to go and take our money.  Cash, at least.  We're cutting the trip short and coming back home ASAP.

ANOTHER pointless trip.  Next time I'm going out.  WAY out.  Like Texas. :c

Fuck it, too tired of this bullshit for the titles right now.