Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Can I Say?

Holy shit, this was a busy week.  First I had to find a decent place to hold a meeting when you know a sociopathic murderer is going to crash the party.  Then I had to work out something to survive meeting that same murderer.  Even before Shady got off her plane, I was on the verge of pulling out my own hair.  But I managed to scrounge together a couple thousand dollars, and I'm holding onto them right now.

I'm not entirely sure what HAPPENED, with how fast it all went.  That Dodgy was a lot more dangerous than I originally expected; a second or two slower and I'd be dead.  But I've had a couple cups of coffee since then, and I think I can actually get my hands to stop shaking long enough to finish this entry.

We met out in the woods, in traditional southern style.  Middle of Buttfuck Nowhere, only one way in and out...all that.  If Shady was a threat, I'd know.  Shady was pretty damn pissed when we met, but being given directions via cellphone and not having any idea of the address or the location probably didn't help there.  Good luck beating her here when no one knows where "here" is.  Anyways, we managed to talk long enough that I was reasonably certain that she wasn't going to kill me.  Intentionally, at least.

That's about when someone ran in from the side as if he were the Kool-Aid Man, and tried to tackle me.  He looked like he was pretty thin, but not the same way I am; this guy was thin because that was how he liked it.  He could've been a lot bigger, I could tell.  I'm pretty damn sure if I'd gone down, I never would've gotten up.  So I did what any other intellectual would do; I used physics.

A step to the side, a kick to his lead foot, a nice grip on his arm...I tossed him over me like a ragdoll.  He clearly had some martial arts training, because the bastard rolled with it and was back on his feet in a split second.  Then again, I had some too.  Physics are important, but Sambo's even more important.  The guy was still coming right at me, and I could see now that he had on some sort of biker's jacket.  I saw the gleam of something metal, and I'm pretty sure it was a knife.

That was about when the shots started.  Dodgy was fast, but not as fast as a bullet.  He managed to avoid the fatal shots, but he still took at least one in the leg; he landed on one knee, but he was already tossing a knife as he fell.  Jesus, that guy could probably catch a snake in the middle of a strike.  I managed to dodge it, but that thing came so close I felt the wind pass.  Luckily, Shady was already on the move, and she...well, let's just say Dodgy probably won't be as fertile as a guy would like.

Shady's currently sitting on my bed, just...staring.  She'll speak when I talk to her, but otherwise she just kinda looks at me.  She's asked me where I learned Sambo, and a few other little things.  I'm really not sure how to feel about her...besides a little bored.  She's not even DOING much.  I think she's trying to figure me out; even I have a little trouble there, so good luck.  As for basement's pretty damn big, and soundproof.

I'm gonna save THAT part of the job for tonight.