Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey guys.  Sorry for my egregious lack of posting, but I had to take some time off to think; and one has a lot to think ABOUT when they're holding a bag filled the the remnants of a body that has to be at least a hundred years dead, don't they?  Yeah, thought so.  So I've been trying to get through school, which has been surprisingly uneventful; not even another spy from Fisk?  Now I'm getting worried he's just trying that much harder.

Anyways, I've got spring break this week.  That means that, once I've talked to my father some, and we've discussed the shit we're going to need, we're going on a road trip.  Yes, to those curious, he still has NO idea about the truly heinous shit.  All he knows is that I've been wanting to do some research on the guys chasing us, and whatever they're looking for.  He thinks if we find it first we can bargain for our lives.  I think if we find it we'll lose our lives even FASTER.

I'm trying to think of places where we've got weird shit happening.  Places with REALLY bad reputations.  Slendy can make people lose large chunks of time; could he replace them with other things?  Roswell has been known for having incredibly high rates of 'abductions', and I'll be damned if those Greys don't remind me of Him.  But that one doesn't quite feel right.  It would almost be TOO easy.

Nevertheless, I'll be heading north this time.  We're checking out the original 13 colonies; with any luck, we can try to find which state he actually piggybacked his way here from.  I doubt it will help much, but the more we know, the more easily we can fight.  And knowing how he got over here could certainly help us send him back.

I'll be trying to keep constant tabs on what's going on.  For now, I think I'm just going to go wait until my dad gets home, and see if he isn't adverse to using up some of his saved up vacation time.  Stay strong, people.  We know he's out there, but we don't know what he's gearing up for.  It can't be anything good.

-The Meteorologist


  1. Haven't you heard the news? Alll the small-fry "Fighters" are drifting towards Boston. The show is taking place up there~

    -Gwenny Greensleeves

  2. Are they now? Maybe I should go up there...Don't do anything rash, anyway. Alright? ~Frap

  3. Fighter?

    I don't fight. I'm not some martial arts master, or a gun conniseur. I'm a student. I'll be doing my own research, and I may stop by Boston. But my contribution is logic. Intelligence.

    I'm not going to go to some place where a dozen people are meeting up. It just screams of bad things.

  4. Be careful if you hit Philadelphia. A storm's brewing. New Jersey's also a mess: 13 confirmed portals to hell and counting. (Yes, it was a comedy periodical that stated that, but they're half right. It's the place the Jersey Devil came into being around for a REASON.)

    Stay with the crowds. I suggest you check New York. It's Cliche, but a lot of weird stuff does legitimately happen there. That said: Good luck.

  5. New York DID have one of the highest concentration of immigrants for a while...

    That said, not yet. I happen to be in Maryland right now. Nothing of note yet, except that we've been getting pretty strange amounts of attention since I stopped at this internet cafe. I think that someone doesn't want me to keep searching...