Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, New York was fun.  Not a single thing to see or speak of when I was there, but it was fun.  I took that bag with me; my dad knows about it, but he thinks it's some guy that Fisk didn't like.  I don't quite have the heart to tell him what's really going on yet, but I'll have to.  Though I will admit, a person can find just about ANYTHING in New York.  That place was amazing, and I do not regret my trip in the slightest.  I do, however, regret the work I have to make up now.  I spent all this time just getting up to date, but I finally managed it.  God, this weekend is going to be ALL relaxation.

I've been thinking about this bone, and what it must mean.  Obviously we know that he's been around a long time; even if this thing came from the first colonist, that was no time at all ago to him.  But I'm still curious when he first came HERE.  For a while, the stories were all from Germany, maybe a few in Egypt.  He spent a lot of his time in the Eastern Hemisphere, and I don't remember ANY stories before the internet came out.  Maybe that's because Fisk has been doing his job, but who knows.  What I DO know is that this bone couldn't have been younger than a hundred years when I dug it up.  It almost FEELS ancient.  I've almost finished this semester, and my teachers know me well enough; if I bail out immediately after the finals, I don't think any one of them is going to hold a grudge.  For the next few weeks, I'll REALLY be on the sidelines, hopefully doing what I can along the way.  But don't expect me to be running back into the woods any time soon.

Things have been pretty quiet up to now, but I've been keeping up with Ava.  Something tells me Redlight is waiting to see if that pans out, before he gets any more pulled into this.  I...God, there's really nothing I can say to her now.  All I can say is that EVERYONE has their skeletons, and as soon as she's up and about, a little bit of a discussion may be in order.  We've spent a long time elevating each other, forgetting that most of us are barely old enough to lease a house, let alone stop Him.  But it's about time we start remembering that we're not flawless.  Redlight's been trying to get to us by saying our "heroes" aren't so flawless.  If we're gonna want to keep any form of integrity, we're going to need to dump our dirty laundry before he has a chance to do it FOR us.  He'll find a way to turn it into something MUCH worse than it is, I'm sure.

Remember, guys.  There's no such thing as a hero.  Just people who do what needs to be done, whether they want to or not.

-The Meteorologist

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