Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Massy's Nice

Would be nicer if I haven't spotted three guys tailing us already.  My dad has been looking out for guys in black suits with guns; one of them fit the description, but we threw him off pretty easy.  Fisk isn't really trying that hard, lately.  What's keeping him so occupied?  I'm getting a little worried; even beurocrats can get things done, as my dad will attest to.  The other two...they were what worried me.  One of them was about my age.  Hell, they could've been a classmate, even.  The other was old enough to be my grandfather.  Could barely even move without a cane.

I don't think they were especially concerned with being seen; after all, it's not like He can't send more, right?  No, he just wanted to get into my head.  I think that's a good sign, since he wouldn't be getting in my head if I wasn't onto something.  We checked out Plymouth Rock, and got some nice photos.  I'm a little worried about what we'll see in them, but they're not digital so I've got at least a week to wait.  Until then, we're going out to eat.

I swear to God, the next person who predicts I'm from the deep south before I actually talk to them is getting stabbed with a butter knife, and that's NOT a joke.

Anyways...any places of interest, guys?  I don't know much about this state's history.

-The Meteorologist

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