Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heading for New York

Would it surprise any of you to hear that I met a Proxy at that internet cafe?  No?  Me neither.  I had been watching the doorway and the consoles for some time, just to make sure.  I was there 3 hours and I drank 5 cups of chai tea.  Normally, I love the stuff, love it to death.  But drinking cold chai tea is pretty nasty.  It goes down hard, and all the herbs feel like they're fighting against you.  It's like liquid PAIN.  But I soldiered through, to make sure that I was up to date, and to make sure nothing was going to catch me by surprise.

The proxy tried to sneak his way towards me, probably so he could ask for my console and then mug me outside or something, but I was having none of that.  Crowded place or not, I'm not going to take that shit.  So I screamed "THIEF!" at the top of my lungs, and tossed the newest cup of chai tea at him.  To those curious?  Chai tea is usually steeped at just below boiling; 210 degrees.  Compared to coffee, a mere 185.  That guy couldn't do anything but scream as I headed outside, and I hope he's spending a night in a cell.  That'll teach Him to underestimate me.

Of course, my dad was busy with his own business, and he was uncharactaristically stoic about it.  I think that he's starting to get serious about this, too.  I hope so, because New York may very well be the worst place to go hunting for Slendy.  There are literally HUNDREDS of places I'm going to have to scrounge through.  It could be weeks before I cover everything, and I STILL need to get back home before too long.

But New York feels like the right place to start.  It feels like he would have liked it there, when he first came over.  I'll just have to go look in Chinatown or something, I guess.

-The Meteorologist


  1. I adore a good cup of chai. I'm assuming you mean the city not the state? And yes trust me, there is a huge difference.

  2. I know someone who deals in items of an unusual nature in New York state. He's been working on something at my request that MIGHT give you guys a bit better survivability. I make no promises though, I only just made the request after all, and we all might be insane.

    How about it? Want a pair of crummy looking digital watches that may make you a harder target to hit?

  3. If it were different circumstances, I'd say you just wasted a perfectly good cup of Chai.

  4. After drinking four in a row, I would've poured it out anyways.

    That shit isn't meant to be drunk like that.